Terms & Conditions

Code In Code web solutions provide many solutions on the web including but not limited to Website design, Website development and Limited App development.

To request any service from Code In Code you have to pay %50 of the total amount at the moment signing the contract or starting the service.

For services of hosting renewal you have to pay %100 of the amount in advance.

All sent quotations expires after a week from the date sent at.

If you need to cancel the contract of services you can't receive the downpayment or require to receive any developed data.

All data on your website is your responsibility to manage it (Add - Edit - Delete).

Your position in Google is not our responibility as we don't provide any SEO services at this time.

Our services go beyond just programming as we invest in our very own projects.
With our ready-to-go scripts and fast solutions, your business can hit the ground running and minimize cost while saving time.

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